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Month: March 2014

March 23, 2014: John 4: 5-42

Disclaimer: I like to think (and I could be totally misguided on this) that my sermons read pretty well.  Some preachers feel that you have to hear and/or see the sermon to get anything from it.  While I think that is the best way to experience a sermon,...

March 5, 2014: Ash Wednesday

            Up until a couple years ago, we had three services on Ash Wednesday.   It’s not uncommon for churches to have multiple services on Ash Wednesday.  For the longest time, I just took it...

We have two services every Sunday: one indoors at 9:15am and another outdoors at 10:45am. You are NOT required to pre-register. Masks are required ONLY for people who are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19. The earlier service will be live streamed to our YouTube page here.