Charitable Trust

The St. John’s Charitable Trust is an integrated auxiliary of St. John’s Episcopal Church. The Trust shall acquire and establish a perpetual fund for charitable and missionary purposes of St. John’s Church.

The Trust has both restricted and unrestricted funds available for the above purposes. Members of the Trust are appointed by the vestry and serve a 5-year term. The members elect officers, with current officers noted above. The Trust meets periodically, especially when
there are current funding requests.

Requests for funding are always welcome and are considered via a submittal form with pertinent organization information. In addition, individual requests can also be considered.

Because the Trust is an integral part of the church, we want to ensure that parishioners are not only aware of the Trust, but that we are eager to receive and entertain suggestions from the parish. If you are aware of an organization that could benefit from funding by the Trust, please contact any of the members of the Trust with this information. Funding to charitable organizations can not only be used to assist with current programs, but to provide the necessary funding to expand services and programs.

Thank you for helping us expand the reach of the Trust as we seek to fulfill our mission of charitable giving.

In 2021, Charitable Trust gave $137,000 in grants to primarily local organizations.

A web-based version of the grant form may be filled out here, or you can download a copy form to fill out and mail.

Please feel free to contact the church office with any questions.