St. John’s Episcopal Church, Hampton, Virginia

A Church is not a museum for saints but a hospital for sinners.

St. John’s is a historic church. If you saw it from the outside, surrounded by an equally historic cemetery, you might mistake it for a museum. It is so much more.

It is a place of grace, growth, and healing. It is a place to hear the word of God and then be equipped to share that word. It is a place that welcomes and values all the children of God. It is place that honors our heritage but strives to move forward and outward.


Sundays: 9 & 11am

Christian Formation

Sundays: 10am


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100 W Queens Way
Hampton, VA 23669


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Moving Forward

Let’s Journey

They say that if you get 100 Episcopalians in a room, you might find two who agree on everything. St. John’s is no different. We have people from all different backgrounds. Some have family who go back generations in this church. Others are not Episcopalians and have no intention of becoming Episcopalian. St. John’s just felt like home. We hope it will feel like home to you as well. If you would like some more information so you know what to expect, you can find that here.


View the various opportunities available for children, youth, and adults to grow in their faith and get involved in the church and in the community.

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No matter your background or preferences, you are welcome to join us for worship each Sunday morning. Find out what to expect at one of our services.

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New Here?

If you’re new to St. John’s or to the Episcopal Church, you may have many questions. We’ve tried to answer some of those questions here.

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Academy of Music

Our Mission is to bring the joys and benefits of learning music to the residents of Hampton Roads, regardless of their ability to pay.


Browse our collection of video, documents, and other resources. Watch sermons, listen to music, read the blog, and much more. Let us know if you don’t see what you’re looking for.


See how we engage our community and the world, and find out how you can get involved to make a difference with us.


Read the Latest

Read the latest post on Samantha’s blog. Often you can read her sermons as well as other content from our Rector.

When the Gospel Gets Risky: Nov 19, 2023

When the Gospel Gets Risky: Nov 19, 2023

 Year A, Pentecost 25                                  Matthew 25:14-30                                                                                          If you were so inclined, you could read 10 different commentaries about this gospel reading and discover 10...

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What God Thinks of Our Worship: Nov. 12 2023

What God Thinks of Our Worship: Nov. 12 2023

 Year A, Pentecost 24                             Amos 5:18-24                                                                                        God is awfully grouchy today…at least in our Old Testament reading. None of the readings are warm and fuzzy, but today...

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Did Jesus have a platform?: October 22, 2023

Did Jesus have a platform?: October 22, 2023

 Year A, 20 Pentecost                                               Matthew 22:15-22                                                         At some point in 9th or 10th grade, I became obsessed with politics.  I think it was the presidential election that got me...

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