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In the Episcopal Church, you will hear the word liturgy a lot. It basically means the format of the service. But it is to much more. How we pray shapes what we believe. There is a format and it can seem like are just going through the motions, but every motion has a purpose. Even if you are not familiar with the liturgy, you can still follow along using the service leaflet. If you have questions, you can always ask our clergy. Once a year we provide an Instructional Eucharist which explains why we do what we do.

Liturgy & Celebration

Beyond Sunday Morning

Our Choirs

We have an adult choir, a handbell choir, and a Little Singers children’s choir. Find out more about each as well as our Music Academy and Music Camp. Read More

Concert Series

Our Concert Series includes fine performances from both area artists and from nationally recognized individuals and groups. See who will be with us next and view the concert series calendar. Read More

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Browse the files below for daily prayers, printed liturgies, and more.