We have a number of ways for you to grow in your faith. Explore the Christian Formation options for adults below and reach out to us with any questions.

Christian Formation

Grow in Faith

Adult Forum: Sunday mornings between worship services

The forums meet at 9:15 in the parish hall. The hour long discussions are normally led by our Rector, Assistant Rector or another presenter from the community or a parish member who has an expertise in a certain topic. We try to offer a wide variety of programs that help us grow in our Christian faith and form us to be faith filled models and servants to those in our community, the nation and the world. We utilize a mixture of programming using a wide range of media to support our foundational learning via Holy Scripture, tradition, and reason in providing resources and education for all those who attend.

Adult Formation and Outreach

Based on the church season, a pressing need of the community, or a regular outreach event that St. John’s supports, our forums seek to provide resources that inform personal faith education and growth. When the opportunity to serve those in greater need presents, we also partner with other groups or our partners at the national church level to educate and activate the community in some form of service project. Whenever possible, St. John’s engages local program resources, many that already partner with St. John’s, to explain their programs, share their impact locally, and inspire new participation within our community. This kind of education and engagement helps us grow individually and communally as children of God.

Bible Study

St. John’s offers two bible studies: An in-person study at noon on Thursday, and virtual study held on Zoom at 3pm on Wednesdays. Holy Scripture being discussed, but they always welcome new participation. Whether someone “drops in” for a week or two or for a whole book study: We continue to work through both Old and New Testament books, with an emphasis on group discussion and ways we can relate to the text from a 21st century perspective.

Spiritual Direction

In this crazy world we live in, it’s important to take the time to sit quietly in a safe space, listening for God’s soft voice talking to each of us, and looking for how He reveals himself in the ordinary and extraordinary moments in our lives.

Through spiritual direction, group members take a leap of faith by trusting in God and one another as they attempt to deepen their relationship with the divine.  This ministry is a contemplative practice that includes prayer, meditation, group discussion, and holy listening.  

Spiritual Direction meetings are usually held once a month at a mutually agreeable time for those in the small group.  Participants may occasionally go on field trips to further their reflection and spiritual growth.  Past activities have included Soul Collage in Portsmouth and trips to the Salt Cave in Williamsburg.  Lunch is always a must and an opportunity for continued fellowship.

St. Anne’s Guild

St. Anne’s Guild is made up of St. John’s women and friends. We are a special combination of long time and new members. Guest speakers and interesting programs are included, along with refreshments. Our Outreach to our community and our commitment to our St. Johns family is important. All are welcome to attend our monthly meetings. We meet in the Parish Hall, members’ homes, and interesting locales.

Flower Deliverers

Every Sunday we have 2 beautiful flower arrangements behind the altar. They are donated by parishioners or friends of St. John’s in honor of loved ones. After the service is over, parishioners volunteer to take flowers to various members of the parish. We deliver to people who might be ill, someone celebrating a birthday, or just someone who might need their day brightened.

Community and Seasonal Events

The Hampton Episcopal churches have been intentional about meeting together for programs that support our life of faith and growth. We gather in fellowship to share a meal and discuss our common life of faith and worship. Utilizing seasons of the church year, like Lent, we often come together to discuss a specific theme around that season.

The downtown Hampton pastors intentionally gather to discuss our common faith and community. We gather our communities together to participate in shared worship and fellowship. Some of the ways we have participated together: a shared worship service prior to the Thanksgiving holiday; individual churches engage in a friendly competition of collecting the most cans of soups during the month prior to the Super Bowl (aka “the souper bowl of caring”); and the “Walk with The Cross” on Good Friday where we walk, pray and sing together in 10 locations in downtown Hampton, carrying a large crucifix that is placed in the St. John’s cemetery at the end of the walk.


What Do You Want to Know?

If you have more questions about our Christian Formation opportunities or ways for you to grow in your faith, please contact us. We would love to talk with you and help you on your journey.