Are grave sites available for purchase?  If so, who may purchase them?

St. John’s Cemetery provides burial privileges to those qualifying to purchase them.  To qualify, an individual must be an active member of St John’s Church.  Individuals may purchase two burial privileges.  The holder of the burial privilege certificate may be buried in a designated gravesite in the cemetery.  There are approximately 25 gravesites for which burial privileges may be purchased.

What is the cost of a burial privilege?

Currently, the cost is $500 per gravesite.  St. John’s Cemetery also has a columbarium.  A niche in the columbarium costs $1,150.  These costs include sustaining care.

Can burial privileges be sold?

Yes, but they can only be sold back to the cemetery.  They cemetery will pay half (½) of the current value or $250 per site.

What does sustaining care mean?

The cemetery is only responsible for cutting the grass, pulling weeds, and trimming bushes and trees.

What are the responsibilities of the burial privilege holders?

Burial privilege holders, their families, and their descendents, are responsible for maintaining the gravesite, monuments and memorial markers.  In addition, they are responsible for removing flowers and other decorations once they are no longer enhancing the beauty of the cemetery.  We currently reccomend Suffolk Monument Works to provide maintenance of monuments and memorial markers.

What are the charges for burial at St. John’s?

Currently the charges are:

Weekdays Weekends
Full Burial $ 1,000 $ 1,500
Cremains $ 250 $ 400

How do I arrange for a burial at St. John’s?

For most burials, your Funeral Director will handle all of the details.  If you are not engaging a Funeral Director, just contact the  (757-722-2567) and you will be put in contact with the Cemetery Administrator.

Are burial vaults required at St. John’s? 

No, they are not required.  However, we highly recommend them.  Subsidence can be a problem.  Vaults lessen the possibility that this will be an issue.