About Us


We welcome everyone at St. John’s, and that includes people with disabilities. We continue to work hard to make our facilities and services accessible to everyone.

A Church for Everyone

We welcome every person regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or ability. All of our buildings are wheel chair accessible. We also have hearing aid devices in the sanctuary for those who need them. We have recently worked with our Christian formation youth class to accommodate different learning styles. We recognize that we have much to learn from God’s children and many areas where we can grow!

We work with Faith Inclusion Network to continue to grow in our accessibility options for everyone who comes to St. John’s.

If there’s anything you need, please let us know so we can make your time with us work well for you.

We will be having TWO SERVICES this Sunday. Please register for the 9:15am INDOOR SERVICE using this link. Or register for the 6pm OUTDOOR SERVICE using this link. There will also be a live stream of the indoor service on the church Facebook here and YouTube page here.