Love Your Neighbor As Yourself

After communion we pray to “…do all such good works as thou hast prepared for us to walk in.” We have opportunities for good works every day in our community and in family life. The St. John’s Outreach Committee also organizes good works that we can enjoy in fellowship with one another. These opportunities for good works range from one-time projects to week-long and even longer opportunities to serve God and our neighbors.


Ways to Get Involved

Night’s Welcome

This is an opportunity to house and feed the homeless for one week during the winter.

Summer Lunch

This is a program in which we offer a free nutritious lunchtime meal to anyone on Wednesdays during fourteen weeks in the summer.

Rise Against Hunger

In the Rise Against Hunger, fifty or more people from the congregation gather after church one Sunday a year to package ten thousand meals for hungry school children in a third world country.

Habitat for Humanity

Funded by our Charitable Trust, St. John’s volunteers helped build a house in Hampton for a deserving family in 2018. Church members helped an elderly person upgrade their home in Habitat’s 2019 Neighborhood Blitz.

Andrews School Sponsorship

With funds for special projects and the dedicated volunteer effort of one special committee member, a kindergarten classroom had weekly visits and extra enrichment. More volunteers would be very welcomed in this project.

Lil’ Free Pantry

The youth at St. John’s, Hampton, wanted an outreach project that would serve their local community and be environmentally friendly. They wanted to provide Ready-to-Eat food, 24/7 to anybody who needed it. Find out more here.

Find Out More

Join Us

In addition to the above opportunities, the Outreach Committee helps to fund outside agencies that do good works to lift the community. For example: Hampton Ecumenical Lodgings and Provisions, Downtown Hampton Child Development Center, Hampton’s Healthy Families Partnership, the YMCA’s Bright Beginings, the Transitions shelter for victims of domestic abuse and other worthy agencies.