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Be a doer: August 29 2021

Year B, Pentecost 14                                     James 1:17-27                                                                                              Whenever I am in a new environment and not around church people, I kind of dread the question about my...

May 2, 2021: Being right isn’t enough

May 2, 2021: Being right isn’t enough

 Year B, Easter 5                                                                 1 John 4:7-21                                                                          In the church, we like to discuss the humility of Jesus Christ.  Typically when we are referring to...

We have two services most Sundays: one at 9:15 am and another at 10:45 am. The 10:45 service is outside, weather permitting. Please be aware that we now require everyone to mask regardless of vaccination status; this change is due to the rise in coronavirus cases in the area and is NOT intended to be a permanent fixture.