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Christmas Eve 2013: Luke 2:1-20

           A couple years ago I was in a quite different Christmas procession.  At my pervious church, we did a double procession, which means we walked down the aisle, then walked back up around the sides and...

December 15, 2013: Matthew 11:1-11

Year A, Advent 3 I like to think of this Sunday in Advent as portraying the kinder/gentler side of John.  Last week we had a rather intimidating John who was shouting at the Pharisees and Sadducees who had come to see him. He called them a brood of vipers. ...

We have two services most Sundays: one at 9:15 am and another at 10:45 am. The 10:45 service is outside, weather permitting. Please be aware that we now require everyone to mask regardless of vaccination status; this change is due to the rise in coronavirus cases in the area and is NOT intended to be a permanent fixture.